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How to start an advertising MEDIA agency in South Africa

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Role of an advertising agency

The primary role of an advertising agency is to create a marketing plan that is suitable for your business. Businesses often seek the services of an advertising agency when they are trying to promote a product or service. Marketing is very tricky and you can easily blow up your budget if you are not skilled in marketing.

That is why marketing agencies are important, a lot of marketing agencies have crucial data on consumer behavior patterns. They have likely worked with a brand similar to yours, this makes it easier for them to understand your needs or goals and the best path to take to achieve them.

Services provided by an advertising agency

  • Strategy:

Advertising agencies have a lot of data and experience, they know what works and what doesn’t. Most ad agencies offer strategies to brands and businesses. A solid strategy makes it easier for a brand to penetrate the market, this strategy includes communicating the message of your brand.

  • Design:

Powerful designs make for effective brand recognition. Some of these design services may include web design, brochures, a logo.

  • Digital marketing:

Digital marketing has a whole list of services, these services include social media marketing, Google/Bing ads, SEO, and utilizing other digital platforms to promote your business. Services include managing your brand image on social media.

  • Production:

This includes video and photographic productions. Most advertising agencies offer video animations and using video and photography to produce an advert.

  • Public relations

Some advertising agencies offer PR services.

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