Over 15 years of combined design & content experience

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Through our Software and hardware, we create sustainable business opportunities which give business owners the opportunity to produce and sell products that are in daily demand.

 Ready-Made Media is constantly aware of the rising unemployment rate and lack of opportunities for South Africans and Africans. Economists the world over agree that future employment will come from the small-to-medium business sector. It’s up to every one of us to ensure that small businesses succeed. SMEs need to be supported and considered when services are needed or when goods have to be bought. Ready-Made Media supports SMEs wholeheartedly and wants our entrepreneurs to succeed.

As a solution to the poverty and employment crisis in South Africa, and elsewhere on the African continent, Ready-Made Media offers affordable business opportunities in the online digital industry. We assist business owners in creating digital products that will always be in demand, creating long-term, sustainable businesses.